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Advertising Guidelines (#2024)

(Last Update: 09.03.2023)

These policies apply to ad content, intermediate pages, and final landing pages. Approval or rejection of campaigns is at the sole discretion of SolAds Media and its publishers. Active campaigns are constantly reviewed by our team and can be stopped at any time without notice. Please also note the sanctions at the bottom.

General Rules

1Advertisers are always responsible for ensuring that they comply not only with SolAds Media's advertising policies but also with applicable laws and regulations in all locations where their ads are served.
2No CAPITALIZATION in ad texts and display URLs.
3Campaigns for escort services, brothels and similar sexual services are not allowed.
4Campaigns for the promotion of pornographic websites are not allowed.
5The promotion of cam/webcam sites with hardcore content is prohibited.
6Advertising websites that offer prescription drugs without a prescription is not allowed.
7Advertising for cryptocurrency/forex and binary platforms is not allowed.
8The promotion of websites that distribute malware or other harmful or unwanted software is prohibited.
9Prelanders with simple age confirmation (18 years => Yes/No) are not sufficient to link to websites with prohibited content in subsequent steps.
10Advertisers are obliged to install serious and functioning barriers to protect minors from inappropriate content.
11Pornographic wording in ad texts is not allowed. These are all words related to sexual acts.
12Explicit words may be used with wildcards/asterisks unless expressly prohibited (see below)
13Pornographic representations in pictures are not allowed. These are all depictions of sexual intercourse or sexual acts of any kind as well as very, provocative posing.
14All models in pictures must be at least 21 years old. This also applies to age references in advertising copies.
15Full nudity is not allowed.
16Terms such as "mom", "mother", "single mother" or similar as singular or plural may not be used in texts and images. The abbreviation Milf is still allowed.
17The depiction of primary sexual organs (vagina, penis, testicles, anus), even suggestively or in parts, is not permitted.
18Advertising for/with minors is prohibited.
19Flashing, wobbling or flickering banners are not allowed.
20All banners that are not in line with Better Ads standards will be rejected. Click here for more details
21Nipples must be pixelated/blurred unless explicitly permitted (see below)
22Ad texts and images may not use content that violates copyright or trademark law. This applies, among other things, but not exclusively, to the use of third-party brand names, logos or domains. The use of modified versions of these is also prohibited, as is the replacement of individual characters with placeholders.
23No pictures of celebrities or famous personalities may be used unless express permission has been given.
24Ads that make mobile devices vibrate without user interaction are not allowed.
25Ads that are obviously intended to confuse or deceive the user will not be accepted.
26Ad targets are prohibited that attempt to obtain user data via phishing attacks
27It is not allowed to advertise products or services as free of charge if users have to pay something for them

Guidelines: Country-specific rules

Country/Countries Forbidden Corona specific Allowed
AT, CH, DE Showing breasts with nipples
BE Free services (free sex, sex for free) Any words that would denote breaking social distancing measures should be avoided, unless those words are prefaced with/or the context is one whereby it is clear that it is online. Words like 'meet' (ok is meet online) or 'sex' (only phone sex) are not allowed.
IT The following words must not be used: erotica, pene, scopare, scoperesti, sesso (also not replaced with asterisks, e.g. S**so). No explicit sexual references Substitute words: erotica = sensuale, pene = membro or fallo, scopare/scoperesti = incontrare/incontreresti, sesso = piacere or avventura
RO The following words must not be used: curva, curva, curve, ejaculez, fut, fute, pizda, pula, sex, olx (not even in modified spellings or with asterisks, e.g. c*rva, f*t, f**e, p**da, p**a, s*x) Alternative words for sex => Întalnire, Partida
UK Free services (eg sex for free, sex for free). Use of third party brand names, logos or domains, even in variations or replaced with asterisks (*).

Guidelines: Publisher-specific rules

Publisher Publisher IDs Main Markets Specific rule 388990, 143179, 459332, 343708, 880391 AT, CH, DE
  • Animated images are not allowed in native ads
  • Services for Whatsapp and other messengers may be advertised.
  • Logos of messenger services (e.g. Whatsapp) may not be shown (see #22 above).
  • Complete or parts of addresses and/or phone numbers may not be shown
  • Contact request via e-mail, chat message, SMS, number exchange etc. is possible
Vivastreet 146104, 422104, 417859, 313473, 606223, 675548, 698999, 107834, 741836, 371783 BE, BR, CL, IT, UK

Applies only to Native Ads:

  • Animated images are not allowed
Locanto 819823, 336413, 352127, 502102, 301045, 216844, 773747, 915909, 517652, 548733, 512934, 406911, 539483, 655579, 334887, 994385, 813803, 640809, 649622, 973218, 649596, 983699, 658224, 985638, 614862, 324420, 446958, 994518, 937812, 425034, 381332, 373648, 462279, 892869, 752780, 394823, 455387 AT , AU , CA , CH , CL , DE , ES , FR , IE , IN , MX , MY , NL , NZ , SG , UK , US

No Sexual medicine products (e.g. penis enlargement pills)

Guidelines: Penalties for Violations

You are all fine.
Color Warning Penalty Reset
1st None. after 2 weeks
2nd Account suspended for 24 hours after 4 weeks
3rd Account suspended for 72 hours after 8 weeks
4th Account suspended for 1 week after 12 weeks
5th Lifetime account closure

  • We check ads and landing pages automatically and manually around the clock.
  • It is at SolAds Media's sole discretion how and when the above sanctions rules are applied.
  • As an advertising customer, it is your responsibility to always ensure compliance with our guidelines.
  • Avoid linking to pages whose contents you do not control yourself.