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Create a Native Ads or Premium Natives Campaign (#2006)

(Last Update: 06.05.2022)

Step 1: Upload your Images

  1. Go to the 'Your Media' tab
  2. Upload images for your adverts in all sizes detailed here...

Step 2: Create your Campaign

  1. Go to 'Manage Campaigns' and click on "New"
  2. Choose Network "Native Ads CPC"
  3. Activate selection type (Channel)
  4. Name your campaign and set the bid you are willing to pay per click (CPC) » Check current Bid Price Ranges
  5. Set your Daily Budget Limit (optional)
  6. Set Start and End Date for your campaign (optional)

Step 3: Setup Targeting Options

  1. Choose the countries, regions or cities where you want your advert to be shown (* mandatory) » Check available countries
  2. Choose 'Target By Device Types' and select which devices you want to target. » Click for more details
  3. You can alternatively choose 'Targeting By Connection Type' and select if you want to target mobile (cellular) or domestic/corporate traffic (Cable/DSL, Corporate, Dialup).
  4. For mobile connections you can additionally use 'Targeting By Carrier' to only show your campaign on certain mobile carriers.
  5. Please leave Browser and Operating System Targeting empty (Option for Experts only)
  6. Set frequency capping to control how often your advert will be presented to a particular user (per hour, per day). For Native Ads it's sensible to leave impression frequency capping on 'Unlimited' and set Click Frequency on 1 per Day.

Step 4: Select a channel where you want your adverts to appear

Note: For Premium Natives, there is a separate channel for each individual banner size.

Step 5: Create Advert Copy

  1. Give your Copy a unique name
  2. Create the title (1st line) of your advert
  3. Create a summary / description (2nd line)
  4. Add the URL that you want the advert to link to (e.g.
  5. Define the URL/String that should be used as the link text (e.g. or Click here...)
  6. Make sure to comply with the valid character limits

Step 6: Assign image/s to your Copy

  1. Click on 'Your Media'
  2. Choose an image by clicking the checkbox and click on 'Manage Associations'
  3. Link the chosen image to the copy you have created in step 6.
  4. Repeat the above step for all relevant image sizes.

Alternative for Step 6: Assign image/s to your Copy

  1. Go to your 'Copy Sets' and choose a 'Copy'.
  2. Click on 'Edit' and then on the tab 'Media' that will appear.
  3. After clicking on 'Add or Upload Media' you will see an overview of all available media.
  4. Choose an image and then click on 'Add Selected Media to this Copy' to assign it to your 'Copy'.

This is how your advert could look like:

Important Note on Copy Selection

You can assign various images to a copy. They will then rotate randomly. If you want to test the performance of different text/image-combinations you will need to set up multiple copies. On campaign level you can control if you want copies to be shown evenly ('Even') or based on their performance ('Best'). If you choose 'Best', adverts with better CTR will be preferred.