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How can I target by Connection Type? (#2027)

(Last Update: 13.01.2016)

With the option 'Targeting By Connection Type' you can specify for which connection types you would like your campaign to be delivered. Your campaign will then only show up for requests that match your filter criteria.

Available connection types

  • Cable / DSL = fast broadband connections
  • Cellular = Mobile Internet connections (GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 4G, etc)
  • Corporate = Large corporate networks
  • Dial-Up = slow dial-up connections

Set Connection Type

Choose a campaign, click 'Edit' and then 'Traffic Targeting / Filters'. Turn on 'Targeting By Connection Type' and activate the entries of your choice. Save your settings.

If the option is not activated or no options is selected, the campaign will automatically be displayed for any connection type.