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Placements and Bid Range per Country (#2028)

(Last Update: 26.05.2016)

The actual price we recommend for a certain placement depends on your individual campaign objectives and the performance of your adverts. If you have any questions please contact our staff. Please note that some publishers only provide advertising space from a certain minimum price. Data base: Last 3 days, placements with less than 1.000 impressions are not shown here

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CPM Range CPC Range Queries/Day
France Desktop Casual Dating 90x530,00 - 0,1636.000
France Desktop Casual Dating 90x534.000
France Desktop Casual Dating 300x2500,02 - 1,1015.000
France Desktop Casual Dating 300x1000,03 - 0,104.000
France Desktop Casual Dating 300x6000,03 - 0,364.000
France Desktop Casual Dating 320x1000,05 - 0,154.000
France Desktop Casual Dating 728x900,03 - 0,486.000
France Desktop Gay Dating 90x534.000
France Desktop Mainstream Dating 90x536.000
France Mobile Casual Dating 90x530,00 - 0,2570.000
France Mobile Casual Dating 90x536.000
France Mobile Casual Dating 300x1000,76 - 2,2824.000
France Mobile Casual Dating 300x2500,02 - 0,4719.000
France Mobile Casual Dating 320x1000,05 - 0,7535.000
France Mobile Gay Dating 90x530,01 - 0,074.000
France Mobile Gay Dating 90x532.000
France Tablet Casual Dating 90x530,00 - 0,082.000
France Tablet Casual Dating 300x2500,02 - 0,412.000

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