Complying with Better Ads Standards (#2032)

(Last Update: 15.01.2018)

Google recently released a new set of restrictions called "Abusive Ad Experience" that is expected to come into effect from 15th February 2018.

Google will now consider as an "Abusive Ad Experience" ads which:

  • Auto-redirect the page without user action
  • Resemble system or site warnings or error messages
  • Simulate messages, dialog boxes or request notifications
  • Depict features which do not work
  • Display a "close" button that does anything other than closing the element when clicked
  • Imitating Antivirus Alerts

So what does this mean for you?

On interpretation of the new restrictions, essentially any banner or ad creative that features any form of fake or misleading elements will not comply with Google's new policy. As we need to make sure our publisher's ad content is not fully blocked in Chrome we need to reject all advertising material not complying with this policy.

Here are some examples of ad creatives that our team is going to reject:

Imitating Close/X/Cancel Options

Imitating Fake Chat Box

Imitating Site Pagination

Imitating browser alerts

Imitating Video Players

Imitating Download or Play Buttons

Rapidly Flashing Elements

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