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Setup a Banner Campaign (#2007)

(Last Update: 10.10.2022)

The Basic Campaign Structure

CampaignSelect your targeting options and other main settings here
AdgroupSet up one single Adgroup per banner size
Bid (also called Channel or Sector)Target a specific contextual group by selecting a specific channel, e.g. Casual Dating. Pick only one channel per campaign. Target each channel with specific offers
Copy SetA group of Adverts
Copy (also called Advert or Ad)A specific banner advert
Image (also called Media)A banner graphic

Step 1: Upload your Images

  1. BEFORE UPLOADING ANY BANNERS => Make sure to meet our guidelines
  2. Go to the 'Your Media' tab
  3. Upload images for your adverts in all sizes detailed here...

Important note on the correct assignment of images

Please absolutely ignore the media upload function within the campaign setup dialog (see step 5). This leads to an incorrect assignment, which currently has to be corrected manually by us. Images and banners should always be assigned to the advert, never to the campaign or adgroup.

Step 2: Create Campaign

Step 3: Setup Targeting Options

Step 4: Select Channel

Note on AdGroups

Saving the new campaign will also create an ad group with the same name. So, the default is one campaign per country/region and device type (e.g. DE Mobile) and in this campaign per banner size one ad group with the respective bid.

Step 5: Create Advert

Note on Copy Sets

  • Saving a new campaign will create a new advert under copy sets. You will the need to add the banner graphic to this advert as described in step 6. Several adverts (banners) of the same size can be created in a single copy set.
  • A banner advert consists of the name of the advert, the banner graphic and the tracking URL.
  • Please allocate only one single banner per advert (not several). There's no image rotation within one advert.

Note on Copy Selection

The 'CopySelection' option is set on campaign level to determine which advert in a copy set is selected. If you want to test different banners against each other, you have to create several adverts. You can then select whether the delivery should be even ('Even') or performance-based ('Best'). If you set to 'Best', ads with a better click-through rate CTR will be served at a higher frequency.

Step 6: Assign banner to your advert

  1. Click on 'Your Media'
  2. Choose an image by clicking the checkbox and click on 'Manage Associations'
  3. Link the chosen image to the copy you have created in step 5.
  4. Do only assign one single banner to one particular advert. Banners are not rotated within one advert.


  1. Go to your 'Copy Sets' and choose a 'Copy'.
  2. Click on 'Edit' and then on the tab 'Media' that will appear.
  3. After clicking on 'Add or Upload Media' you will see an overview of all available media.
  4. Choose an image and then click on 'Add Selected Media to this Copy' to assign it to your 'Copy'.
  5. Do only assign one single banner to one particular advert. Banners are not rotated within one advert.

Add more banner sizes to the campaign

To add more banner sizes to your campaign, please create a new ad group for each banner size. Name the ad group after the banner size and set your bid directly in this step.