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Traffic Buying Options for Ad Networks (#2035)

(Last Update: 22.04.2020)

These are the options to buy traffic from our network:

1. Direct Campaign Management using our self-service platform

  • Direct Campaign and Media Setup (standard)
  • Media setup using JS-Tags or iframes for graphical banners. Cannot be used for Native Text Ads.

2. Automated API Campaign Management

  • You can use our advertiser API to create/update adverts (not feasible for realtime updates).
  • You can integrate reporting data into your system using our reporting API.

3. Server-side integration (XML, JSON, RTB standards)

  • We are trying to keep this to an absolute minimum for low overall bandwidth and response times.
  • Only for advertisers/advertising networks with +1.000€ daily spent.
  • We will request adverts from your servers for all/a subset of our publisher requests.
  • Latency + response times of your ad serving environment must be around 50ms.